Ten minute, 6 point stir-fry

Okay, so I lied. This stir fry actually only took me seven minutes but I also prefer my tofu to be a little bit on the softer/less crispy side.

I also had some of the veggies prepped already in my fridge. But, all things considered, I promise you will spend no more than ten minutes cooking up this delicious plate of food. It’s loaded with protein (tofu and edamame), fiber (carrots, bell pepper), and carbohydrates (bc rice, duh).

This stir fry isn’t entirely homemade, as I bought the rice already prepared in the Trader Joe’s frozen section, but I also added in some extra veggies to get even more bang for my stir fried buck. You can easily cook rice ahead of time for this, but I like the convenience of being able to whip it up quickly if I’m crunched for time. 
There’s not really a recipe but here’s what I used:

-1 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s vegetable fried rice (5sp)

-3 oz. Firm Tofu (1sp) (Any type of protein will taste good, tofu is very low in points so that’s why I chose it). 

-1/2 red bell pepper (0sp)

-1tbsp Kikkoman low-sodium soy sauce (0sp)

-1/4 carrot, shredded (0sp)

-Garlic and onion to taste 

-Heat a non-stick pan with oil over medium heat (I use spray coconut oil because it’s easy and 0sp), cook bell pepper and carrots for about 3-4 mins. Add in garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. 

-Add in Tofu and cook to desired consistency. (I like to marinate tofu ahead of time, but it still tastes good if you don’t go out of your way to do this beforehand). 

-Add in rice and cook, stirring often, for 5 min.

-Put on a decorative plate and devour it 😋

This meal is one of the many ways I have discovered that eating healthy does not have to mean giving up a ton of time. In fact, it took me less time to cook this up at home than it would to eat out at even the fastest of food places. I hope you enjoy!

What are some of your favorite healthy and quick meals? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye bye muffin top,



What I Eat in a Day Pt. 1

What I eatA lot of friends have asked me what I have been doing to lose weight and while I accredit Weight Watchers for guiding me in the right direction, the plan doesn’t work unless you make yourself work. With that said, the most wonderful thing about it is that I haven’t had a single day go by where I didn’t get to enjoy my meals, feel overly hungry, or feel deprived in any way/shape/form.

I spend way less money on eating out, I get to enjoy fresher food because I get through it faster than I did in the past, and my cooking skills have improved because I’ve had the tools and incentive to get more creative in the kitchen, and find shortcuts for when time is of the essence.

My favorite part of the plan, by far, is that I get to eat a wide variety of things, but there are certain foods I definitely eat on a regular-semi regular basis because they are good and good for me. I took samples from typical days where I was working, in school, or doing other regular college-type activities and compiled it so that you get an accurate picture of what a typical day looks like for me.

In case you are new to my blog, SP stands for Smartpoints, the Weight Watchers system for tracking how many points/nutritional value is in something. As your body weight decreases, your allotted Smartpoints decrease as well. You are also given Weekly points which are there for added flexibility on the plan, while ensuring that you will still lose weight. When I started the plan, I was given 33 daily Smartpoints and 44 Weekly Smartpoints. Now I get 30 Daily, and 42 Weekly. I have found that as I continue on the plan that my cravings decrease and I get hungry less often because I am fueling my body more efficiently with lots of protein and fiber.

This is a sample day from a typical school week in which I have less than 1/2 hour to make and eat every meal. All of these foods are ready to eat within 10 minutes and they all include a mix of protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates.

In addition to the foods mentioned below, I usually go to the gym for a minimum of 30 minutes to walk on an incline, and I drink lots of water throughout the day.

Without further ado, here is What I Eat in a Day (Total is 32sp):

Breakfast (6sp) 


1 Thomas bagel thin (3 sp)

3 egg whites (1sp) *Egg beaters make this super convenient in a rush

3 slices Canadian bacon (1sp)

1 Bell pepper, sautéed (0sp)

1/4 cup mushrooms, sautéed (0sp)

1/2 cup spinach, sautéed (0sp)

A few spritzes of spray butter (0sp)

Snack (2sp) 

1/2 cup carrots (0sp)

1 Babybel light cheese (1sp)

1 Wasa cracker (1sp)

Lunch (10sp) 

7 Trader Joe’s chicken gyoza (6sp)

1 Packet Kikkoman miso soup (1sp)

1/2 cup shelled Edamame (3sp)

Soy sauce, vinegar, garlic (0sp)

Dinner (8sp)

1 Trader Joe’s Reduced-Guilt Mac ‘n Cheese (8sp)

1 Cup Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower  (0sp)

Dessert (Only sometimes) (6sp) 

1 Cup Chocolate Halo Top Ice Cream (5sp)

1/2 Banana (0sp)

2 tbsp Cool Whip Lite (1sp)

*If I have a sweet tooth and I have already used up all of my points from earlier in the day, a favorite treat of mine is a bowl of frozen raspberries.

Other (0sp) 

If, for some reason, I find myself still hungry after all of the above, I will try to decide if I am really hungry, or if I might be thirsty, bored, or anxious instead. If I am in fact, genuinely hungry (which doesn’t happen often), then I’ll have some carrots, celery, or an apple. If it’s the latter, then I will try to go for a walk, call a friend, work on homework, play the sims, or some other method of distraction.

Most of what I have done to find success isn’t veering all that far from foods I ate before, it’s just a matter of finding healthy/low calorie swap-outs for my favorite things. Egg whites instead of whole eggs, reduced guilt mac ‘n cheese instead of regular, Halo Top Ice Cream instead of cookies or regular ice cream, flavoring my breakfast with vegetables rather than cheese and full-fat butter. All of these changes feel so small to me but they have made such a huge difference in my body and how I view food as fuel.

What are some of your favorite swap-outs? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye Bye Muffin Top!


15 minute Pepperoni Pizza

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love a good, “craving tamer,” that satisfies my hunger and cravings without sacrificing my health or hindering my progress. 

This pizza is super delicious, extremely easy to make, and it rang up to only seven smartpoints! 

I paired it with a salad and doctored up the jarred sauce I used with some extra herbs in order to heighten the sophistication of my #brokecollegekid meal. 


1 flat-out bread co. whole wheat flatbread 

7 slices of pepperoni 

2 tbsp sliced olives

2 tbsp pizza sauce (any kind!)

1 oz Trader Joe’s Shredded Light Mozzerella

Optional: Italian seasonings (like basil)

(I also put about 1/2 tsp of olive oil on the bottom of the bread to make sure it didn’t stick to the baking sheet)


I baked the flat bread for a few minutes on its own at about 350 to get it a little crisp before I put the sauce and the rest of the ingredients on.

  • Spread out the sauce, top with pepperoni, then a layer of mozzerella, olives, & then more mozzerella. 
  • Bake it in a toaster oven for about 15 min at 355. (Regular oven for about 10 min, 350)
  • Slice it up and then enjoy!

I’m happy I get to enjoy a wide variety of foods without giving up the foods I love. Next time I’ll probably add in some more veggies on top, (Bell peppers are bae).
Bye bye muffin top!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Packed Shake 

Warning: This recipe is highly addictive, try at your own discretion. I dare you 😉

I’m all about finding things that will give me more bang for my nutritional buck and this shake certainly does just that. 

Post gym I was seriously craving something sweet and filling and I conjured this up in my kitchen. I did a lot of strength training today so I knew getting a lot of protein in would be key.

I have found success on this journey by fulfilling my cravings with healthier, smarter options so that I don’t feel deprived along the way. With 23lbs down, I do believe it is working. 

This recipe packs a whopping 20g of protein and it’s only 7 weight watchers smart points. It can be even less points if you use 1/2 cup halo top rather than a whole one like I did. It’s also fairly low calorie but I treated it sort of like a dessert or a meal. 

In a blender combine:

3tbsp peanut powder (PB2 or Jif make good ones!)

1 or 1/2 cup chocolate halo top

1/2 banana 

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

A few ice cubes if you want 

Blend and enjoy 😋

Bye bye muffin top!

Low point potstickers and “rice” 

One of the ways I’ve managed to find success thus far is by replacing foods that I’m craving with a healthier, more nutritious alternative that I make for myself, at home. 
One of my very favorite meals is fried rice, potstickers, and miso soup at a restaurant. Unfortunately, if I even tried to put this all into my point tracker I’d probably run out of two days’ worth of points. 

I’ve been making this meal for dinner recently and adding in different veggies into the cauliflower if I brown it a bit in a pan. But today I just opted for steaming it in the microwave.

I found an awesome alternative for potstickers at Trader Joe’s which allows me to have 7 potstickers for only 6 points! 
To make them, I follow the instructions on the package which just involves lightly sautéing and then steaming them for about ten minutes.  

The Trader Joe’s potstickers don’t come with sauce, which is arguably my favorite part of the whole meal, so I’ve been enjoying making my own. My favorite sauce so far consists of:

Ginger (1tsp)

Garlic (1tsp)
Honey (1/2 tbsp)

Worschestershire (1/2 tbsp)

Soy (1/2 tbsp)

Sesame (1 tsp)

Rice vinegar (1tbsp)

*The honey and sesame oil add about one additional weight watchers point, but it’s still delicious without those components.

I’m a huge fan of zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, and other alternatives to simple carbohydrates so naturally riced cauliflower is a no-brainer. 

The riced cauliflower from Trader Joe’s makes it super easy for me to just cook the amount of “rice” I want and leave the rest in the freezer until I’m ready for more. It also cuts down immensely on my food prep time as it takes only 3-4 minutes to be fully cooked. 

I also enjoy this meal with miso soup which is one 1 point (I like Kikkoman Tofu Miso packets) you just mix it with water and heat it up and it’s genuinely delicious.

I spent a total of 12 minutes making this meal and I am completely full and satisfied from it at the cost of only 8 points!
What are some of your favorite “treat” alternatives? Let me know in the comments below & feel free to subscribe for more recipes, meal ideas and more!
Bye bye muffin top

Xoxo, Kenzie 

Protein Packed Pancakes 

If I told you I’ve lost 19 lbs and eaten pancakes almost every day, would you believe me? Well I have! These cakes offer a whopping 21 grams of protein and they keep me full for so long that I often don’t think I’ll use up all of my points for that day. I love to spice mine up with some canned pumpkin or a mashed banana and then top with fruit, cinnamon, or some sugar free syrup. 

To make them I use Kodiak Cakes pancake mix and then I add some things In to mix it up and pack in some extra nutrients. 

The Pumpkin Version (6sp)

1/2 cup Kodiak Cakes Protein Blend

1/4 cup puréed pumpkin

2 egg whites

1/2 cup water 

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cloves

1 tbsp sugar free syrup 
I combine all of the ingredients into a bowl, mix until it’s all blended together.

Put a bit of coconut oil or Pam onto a  non-stick pan that’s heated over medium heat. 

Then pour 1/4 cup of batter on to the pan and heat until the top begins to bubble

Flip and cook until the other side is browned and the inside of the cake is no longer doughy.

I like to top mine with additional cinnamon and eat them as is, but if you want to add more syrup or fruit they are delicious that way too! 

The Banana Version (6sp)

1/2 cup Kodiak Cakes Protein Blend

1/2 cup almond milk 

1 banana mashed 

2 egg whites

2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon

1 pinch of salt 
Mix and mash everything together in a bowl– Cooking and serving instructions are the same as the pumpkin ones.


Bye Bye Muffin Top 🙂 

Super Easy & Healthy “Apple Pie A La Mode”


I was seriously craving apple pie the other day, and I whipped this up to satisfy my craving while staying within my Weight Watchers Smart Points range. It took me less than 10 minutes and it was delicious and easy. Three DS


1 Medium Sized Apple

2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Nutmeg (Optional)

1/4 Cup Sugar Free Syrup

1/2 tbsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup Halo Top Vanilla Ice Cream


Cut up one medium sized apple into small, thin pieces and place in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds.

While apples are cooking, mix together spices, vanilla, and syrup.

Remove apple slices from the bowl, draining some of the juice, and place them in a pan on medium-low heat.

Dump the cinnamon/syrup mixture into the pan and stir for about 2-3 minutes to coat apples evenly. Set pan aside and allow apples to cool for a few minutes.

If you are feeling a little ‘extra’ you can lightly toast some oats or nuts in a separate pan for a few minutes but this would add to the SmartPoints Value. I also like to put a small dollop of Cool Whip Lite on mine.

Scoop 1/2 cup Halo Top into a bowl, top with apple compote and whatever other toppings and enjoy 🙂

Bye Bye Muffin Top,

XOXO Kenzie