Weighing In: Maintenance Mode for Now

Hi Friends! I’ve (noticeably) been taking a conscious break from writing posts lately due to a string of stressful events in my life that have occurred since the beginning of April.

I lost someone who was close to me after a long battle with cancer, badly sprained an ankle, and got behind in some of my classes. I have been trying to stay positive and responsible during these times of stress, but it’s not always possible to stay perfectly on plan, because life doesn’t always go as we might have planned if it was perfect.

To be honest, I haven’t tracked any Weight Watchers Points in about three weeks. I’ve also had some beer, and skipped quite a few gym days due to my sprained ankle. The difference between my old self and who I am now is that I don’t hate myself for any of it. I am glad that I have been able to enjoy food and treats surrounded by loving friends and family after dealing with a loss. I am glad I have had warm-hearted people around me who have invited me out for a beer instead of wallowing at home. I do my best to make healthy choices whenever possible, but I have also had to be somewhat forgiving because life isn’t always easy, and sometimes a salad just doesn’t sound great.

Luckily, my ankle is almost healed, my heart is a little less heavy, and I’ve managed to maintain an even weight of 181.5 for the last three weeks.

I think that I have developed a lot of good habits that have allowed me to maintain without too much effort, as well as trying to keep my fridge stocked with healthy items that I can grab without much thought or effort, (I’m lookin at you, Siggis yogurt!).

I attribute this maintenance to other small habits such as parking far away from the entrances of buildings, limiting crappy foods from being in my home, stopping eating when I am just full enough, and drinking lots of water. Eating my sandwiches open face or bun free, and trading in pasta dishes for some type of protein with a veggie on the side if I am eating out. I no longer have a daily coffee at Dutch Bros with cream and sugar, but instead take a 200mg. caffeine pill if I feel like I need a ‘pick me up.’

All of these things truly do add up and make a huge difference and they have worked well for me in making sure I don’t lose all of the progress I have made in the last four months. Just because I’m not trying to be perfect with my diet is by no means an indication that I am throwing in the towel. I’m just on the sidelines, taking a little half-time break before I head back in.

I have every intention of getting back into the gym when my ankle is healed fully, but for now I am sticking to yoga and upper-body/core home workouts. In fact, it has actually be tough to do not cardio, as that was easily becoming one of my greatest  go-to stress-reducers when I was having a tough time. I miss sweating it out and feeling accomplished and glowing at the end of my routine. I also miss all of the ladies in my Spin classes and the encouragement they give me by seeing that health can be achieved at any size, at any age.

In short, I’ve absolutely hit a rough patch, but it will remain that– just a patch! Making a lifestyle change means making changes to fit within your lifestyle, and not even the Kardashians are immune to the little imperfections life throws our way.

To be clear, I have zero regrets from taking these few weeks off from being so controlling over my diet because it’s just what I needed, and when I am ready, I will return to it.

For now, I’m 181.5 and I am happy, and I am alive. This will change at some point, but this is where I have been, this is where I am now, and I am okay with that.

Thanks for reading, supporting me, and sending me bits of encouragement that I have received in the last few months since I began this whole journey.

Bye Bye Muffin Top!



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