Inspire 80 by practicing 20

IMG_1671There are two times in nutrition/fitness where 80/20 is a commonly used form of lingo. In nutrition, people refer to the, “eighty-twenty,” rule, as another way of saying, “moderation.” The belief here is that if you eat well eighty percent of the time, and indulge twenty percent then you will maintain good health without feeling deprived or like you are adhering to a plan too strictly.

On the other end, the fitness end, there is another, “eighty-twenty rule,” which refers to the balance between nutrition and exercise. In this sense, your diet is of about eighty percent importance while fitness training is about twenty. In other words, “You can’t outrun a bad diet.”

I had a really strange, yet wonderful morning this morning. I think I was taken over by a body snatcher, but it all worked out for the best.

 I was having a really difficult time sleeping last night due to throwing my back out, and I felt like laying down was just making everything feel worse. I actually only slept about four hours last night after getting off of work late. I looked at my clock and it was five in the morning and I had my alarm set for 8:45. I didn’t want to wake my roommates up and I thought about how wonderful a hot-tub would feel on my back.

I did something crazy! I got dressed, filled up my water bottle, wrestled with my tangled earbuds, and drove my ass to the gym. I got there at 5:30 and I definitively decided today that hell must have frozen over. 

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to sleep. The old me (the me from, like, a month ago) would have taken half a sleeping pill and some ibuprofen, fallen back asleep, most likely missed my first class of the day, eaten a crappy breakfast because I was running late, and then felt groggy, grumpy, and exhausted for the rest of the day, overreacting to every little thing.

I was going to just lift a few weights and then hop into the hot tub but once I got to the gym I decided to do a little warm up on the treadmill. That warmup ended up with me running for 30 minutes, walking on an incline for ten, and then going on to do a leg workout.

Once finished, I went to change and headed to the hot tub in hopes of relieving my back —which actually felt a lot better once I got moving.

After the hot tub I thought about how I haven’t gone swimming in a long time and I thought about how great the cool water would feel on my skin. Previous, old, cautious McKenzie would have been intimidated AF to get into the lap pool, especially into the lane that’s not dedicated for self-proclaimed slowpokes–that lane was being occupied by elderly aquajoggers. I did a lap in the “medium,” lane, and then two, and then I grabbed a kick board and swam for almost twenty minutes.

I rinsed off, took a lovely steam and then headed home.

Once at home, I had planned to just eat a bowl of sugary, yet low-point cereal but instead I opted for a half an apple until the sun actually came up so that I would’t piss my roommates off from making “real” breakfast at 7:00am. 

A little while later, I opted for a hearty/healthy breakfast burrito with egg whites, black beans, bell peppers, onions and chicken apple sausage. 

I meal prepped lunch, found quotes for an Essay I have to write this evening, and squeezed in a few minutes of yoga.

Wednesdays are my busy days, with class, babysitting, class, and then work, which keeps me out of the house from 9am to 10:00pm each week. It was so nice to have an extra three hours to get stuff done so that I’m not as stressed later in the day.

Back to my original point: Because I exercised and started my day off in a wonderful way, I felt inspired to eat a clean and nutritious breakfast. By eating a filling and protein-packed breakfast, I felt inspired to pack a clean and light lunch with snacks. 

Come dinner time, I will feel good about my choices earlier on in the day, and most likely want to spend the extra time I will have, on grocery shopping and preparing a healthful dinner.

 By practicing the, “twenty percent,” part of exercise early on in my day, I feel inspired to continue on with the, “eighty percent,” referring to diet the rest of the day. Additionally, if I do happen to want a treat in the evening— I’m looking at you Halo Top 😉— then I will feel good about it, knowing I made 80% great decisions leading up to that.

My whole point here is that by stepping out of my comfort zone this morning and trying something new that would help me feel better, it started a total chain reaction of wellness that I will carry on throughout the remainder of the day. I hope this inspires some of you to step out of your own comfort zones in one way or another today.

Will I still be this productive, and quite frankly, not myself tomorrow? Who knows!

But that is okay, because I am just taking this journey one. day. at. a. time.

Bye Bye Muffin Top!


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