Weighing in: 25 Down and Checking Things off of my Bucket List 

Woohoo! Today I’m 189.3 which means I’m officially 25 pounds down! I’m so excited about this I #literallycanteven.

I have been trying to up my daily exercise and have been getting around 30-60 mins of cardio + alternating between arms/legs and core doing strength training about six days per week.

I also ran a 5K on Saturday, something that was a HUGE “bucket list” item for me. I’ve already ran many 5k’s as a cross country runner but this time felt a bit more victorious because I really worked for it and got over my built up fear of running in public. I even got a little emotional at the end and shed a tear (maybe two), because I haven’t been this proud of myself in a very long time. 

Next up on the list is to get back on the mountain and go snowboarding again. Something I used to love but haven’t done in over seven years. I’m going next weekend and I just can’t wait.

I’m also excited to be taking a trip to Arizona for spring break to visit my grandparents and I’m going to try to be touristy in a different way than I am used to– hiking and biking whenever possible. Also some reading books whilst laying in the sun is definitely in order. I bought the plane ticket for myself as a reward and as a way to say hey, you deserve this. 

It’s a huge thing for me to check off a milestone like this because a year ago I didn’t think I could do it but here I am doing it.

Bye bye muffin top!



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