Weighing in: Checking off milestones 

Today I made it to what the WW (weight watchers) community calls “Onederland,” this means that you are now in the coveted 100’s in the midst of your weight loss journey. This was probably my largest motivating goal since I started this whole thing because I kept feeling ashamed of myself that I had gotten past the 200lb mark (my highest weight being 214.5).

I am excited because my main goal now feels that much more attainable. The challenge, now, will be finding motivation in other milestones- a friend suggested 5lb increments.

I am excited to get to 195, 190, 185, etc. but I’m nervous about sustaining my focus during those times.

However; Another way that WW’s define success is through ‘NSV’s’ or ‘non-scale-victories.’

So I decided that some of these, NSV’s, for me, will involve going down in pant sizes, being able to run a 5k, losing inches around my waist, etc.

I’ve heard that the best way to form a habit is to reward yourself for accomplishing goals, so I decided that as a necessary reward, each time I drop a pant size, I will invest $20 into my “goal weight wardrobe.”

I will save money to put towards purchasing new clothes when I reach my final goal. I also have a few gift cards I’m saving from Christmas and my Birthday to help me with this.

I’m happy I had the foresight (read: denial), to keep most of my old clothes despite gaining a lot of weight– So I will have some outdated back up clothing to last until I hit my final goal.

For today, hitting onederland feels awesome, but for next week, a looser fitting shirt or more distance on the treadmill will mean success to me.

I’m planning on keeping track through my daily and weekly weigh ins, but I also hope to feel accomplished by the way my life improves.

Bye bye muffin top!

XOXO, Kenzie


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